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Flat Bars - Mtn - Bar End Plugs

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Replacement Bar End Plugs (2) for the Extreme Mountain Mitts:
(Measure diameter of the bar end hole on the handlebars)
14 mm diameter for smaller opening - $15.00 for 2 (measure opening before ordering)
18 mm diameter for standard opening - $15.00 for 2 (measure opening before ordering)
Bar End plugs can also be used on the standard mountain mitts if the customer desires to install them and remove the inside cinch. Follow instructions below.


1. Poke a small hole through the side of the mitts.
2. Pop off any bar end caps on the handlebars.
3. After removing the nut and elastomer push the screw threw the fabric so the washer is on the outside of the mitt.
4. Attach the elastomer and nut on the inside of the mitt.
5. Insert the elastomer into the bar end and tighten plug with a 4mm allen key