Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say about Bar Mitts!

From: Jeff N. 
I finally got to take the new Extreme mitts for a spin yesterday. Temp at start was 34. I reduced my glove layer from 4 down to 2, to give my hands more dexterity and to see if the Extreme mitts could perform as advertised. To my delight, they passed my test with flying colors. The extra thickness does matter. The cover cuff keeps enough of the outside temperature from getting to my hands. I thought the cover/cuff would be an impediment for getting my hands in and out of the mitt (for hand signals while riding), but it was not a problem. I did try the Hot Hands product along with the Extreme mitts, and I must say that I am very happy that my experience with ‘frostbitten’ hands should now be a thing of the past.

From: Carey W 
The Bar Mitts that I used when I rode for an hour with no gloves at 28 degrees F were the regular mountain model. I would love to know how cold I could ride with no gloves on with the Extreme Cold Mountain model. I'm not sure my toes could hold out.
From: Carey W
I love my Bar Mitts for winter road rides with my 1988 Fisher Montare Mountain Bike. The first day I rode with them in a light snow fall, around 26 degrees. I had on a medium pair of gloves, and my hand stayed toasty warm. 
Today, it was 28 degrees with light snow. I decided to try riding with no gloves. No Problem. I rode for an hour, and enjoyed the freedom of working with my jacket zippers and with my computer without the cumbersome feel of gloves. 
Great Product! I'm sure I'll have other friends using them soon.

From: Tom C
I’ve always had trouble with cold hands, and have a big collection of gloves that I try to tailor to the conditions. My Bar Mitts arrived yesterday, and I installed them on the daily driver last night. It was a snap. This morning the temperature was above freezing. I thought it might be a bit warm, but wanted to give the Mitts a try on my 70 minute route. At 38F, I would ordinarily be between my mid-weight gloves and the medium lobsters. Having read reviews by users claiming they could use light-weight gloves with Bar Mitts, I put on my lightest full-fingered gloves, which I usually wear in the 55-65F range. I was a bit nervous, so I stashed heavier gloves in my back pocket—just in case. Wow! Not only did my digits stay comfy, they actually got just a touch sweaty. Warm hands seemed to make by nose-and-toes happier, as well. Where have Bar Mitts been all my life? I’ll be picking up a pair for my road bike, too!
From: Jerry Q
My commute to work is 20-22 miles depending on my route. today was the first time that I rode with my Bar Mitts. I am glad I installed them last night. I leave at 4am and woke up to it snowing. The Bar Mitts keep my hands warm durring the chilly ride. I agree some boot covers would be a great thing to add to your products. Something like DryGuy boot glove for regular boots. Thank you for the great product.

From: Marc N
Great for Jones loop bars! Put a set of MTB/commuters in XL on both of our Muks. Plenty of room to move, and warm hands! Really a great fit for the 8.25" long grips.
From: Daniel V
Just recieved my bullhorn bar mitts. I live in Montreal with temperatures sometimes going below -25 celcius/-13 fahrenheit. Today it was a warm -11c/12f and I put on my autumn gloves and made it to work (35 minutes) with my fingers feeling great. Very good product.
From: Mike M
I've suffered with painfully cold fingers during winter rides for years, having tried various combinations gloves and chemical hand warmers to no avail. My co-worker recommended Bar Mitts loaned me a pair of his to try. After a week of riding with temperatures in the low to mid teens (°F), I was sold. I could ride in comfort longer than I had in years with just a light weight pair of gloves. I ordered a pair for myself and have been spreading the word. Now if they just made something for feet...
From: Jim B
I've kayaked in freezing white water with neoprene pogies for decades and they keep my hands warmer than any gloves I've tried. I wanted something similar for my motorcycles because sometimes heated grips are not enough. Unfortunately, everything I found on the internet was nylon-type fabric and they were grossly over-sized, until I saw a photo of Bar Mitts. I bought a pair of the MC/ATV model for my KTM and they fit well and were not as massive as other designs. The neoprene is compact and holds its shape well so it's easy to put your hands in or out of the openings. It also insulates and creates a pocket of calm air around my hands which by itself is considerably warmer than the wind-chilled outside air. When I turn on the heated grips that pocket of air warms up even more and helps keep the backs of my hands comfortable. Now I can ride in 40-degree weather with summer gloves. I bought another pair for my Ducati, but they were too big. I exchanged them for the Mt. bike version, but they were too small. Ward ended up making a custom pair that fit great. His customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend Bar Mitts because they work great to keep your hands warm and don't look so obtrusive on the bike like other brands.
From: Kevin G
I have a pair on my mountain bike and another on my road bike. What a great product, worth every penny. No more cold fingers - period. Great service too: I have a bar end mirror on the left drop of my road bike that's twice the diameter of the handlebar. Bar mitt clearly wasn't going to fit over it, so I emailed the company, got an immediate reply that they could add a special zipper to let it slide over my bar end mirror, and within a week had my own custom-made pogies ...works perfectly. Gotta love that kind of small business inventiveness, entrepreneurship, and responsiveness.
From: Tom H
Bike commuting to and from work in Boston in winter means temperatures are often in the teens and single digits. A single pair of bike gloves, tucked into the Bar Mitts keep my fingers warm but not sweaty. Because I can use thinner gloves, my hands don't get tired holding the handlebars and shifting/braking is easier. Even icy rain stays away from my hands. Bar Mitts are one of the best things ever for winter bicycling.
Not to mention how quick and easy it is to put them on the bike if it's cold, or take them off on warmer days.

From: Rick H
Bar Mitts rock. These are no gimmick. You can get away with thin, comfortable gloves down to some pretty frigid temps. This is ESSENTIAL winter commuting gear.
From: Gary R
I rode my fat tire bike in 35 degree weather today... wore wool gloves and had no problems... rode for 1.5 hrs and never felt the temperature....
From: Christina J
I hate being cold. I do not know why I waited so long to buy these!! I ride year round, and previously would switch from thin fleece gloves during fall to gigantic non-waterproof ski gloves during full on rain winter, that still didn't keep my hands warm enough. Bar Mitts are incredibly amazing. I can still use thin gloves and my hands stay toasty. THANK YOU!!!!
From: Ken Krueger
Hi Patti,

Thank you for sending me a summer bot. I went for a 4.5 hour ride on Sunday. It was in the upper 70s which is warm for International Falls. I thoroughly enjoyed the cold drink. 

Thanks again for thinking of me,

Ken Krueger - Arrowhead 135 Race Director

From: Scott Cole
I've got to confess that the Winter Bot has been one of the best new products I've used over the past year here in Wisconsin! The Winter Bot has kept my bottles from freezing in races over 4 hours long with temps not getting above 0 degrees. It comes equipped with a bottle cage, screws and allen key. I've found that my 24oz Specialized bottle works just fine when the Winter Bot is zipped closed. Thanks Ward and Patti for the great products that keep us riding year round! Love my Extreme Bar Mitts also! Pedal on...
Scott Cole
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

From: Ray M
I love riding all year long and the only thing that gets cold on me are feet and hands. Bought a set knowing they would help but unknown how much. My first ride my buddies were swing their hands hurt like every other year. But mine, they felt as if they were still warm from the truck. And that was with half fingered gloves. I love these things.
From: Dave B
My bike commute starts every morning at 4:30am Monday through Friday some 46 miles from home to work and that 46 miles back from work, Some 92.4 miles a day-5 days a week that's been going on now for 20 + years and still loving it !! I look forward to seeing the winter months when my commute takes 3 hours to get to work and 4 back home in some crazy weather! I love when the temperature drops below zero F. And wind-chill are sub zero-45 below! ( Anything over 65 degrees I just hate these temperatures "" ugh "" way to hot and no fun to ride in !!! I love my extreme bar mitts!! I have used them and start to use them when temps start to go around 15 degrees outside here in New England... I love that you never really see anyone who's not a real hardcore commuter that does not use your mitts , My work week would not be complete without using the best there is to stay warm !! I never buy the funny clown clothing that so many people fall for, Just my winter gear and your F@$KIN AWESOME BAR MITTS to make my day every day worth while being on the Bike!!! Some 12,000 miles a year I ride on my bike, I have been using them mitts that now are starting to fall apart, But I tell everyone that you guys are The BEST when it comes to keeping your hands warm in 45 below zero weather.... THANKS FOR PUTTING out the best warmest mitts in the World!!!! I would love to see some 6mm or 8mm neoprene booties made for my winter boots...
Thanks again 
Dave Buonomo 
The Cycling Winter 16 speed Worrier !

From: Terry D
Great product!!! Bought a pair of Mountain/Flat Bar mitts from my LBS and used them today (Feb. 29) for the first time. Temp in the 30s with a strong (25 mph) north wind. My hands have never been so warm! Just wore a mid-weight full-finger glove underneath. Excellent product! Wish I would have bought them sooner - I'd have been warmer all winter!
From: Jarvis G
I received these as a gift a few years ago and absolutely love them for my work commutes. They helped set a cold weather riding record at 1 F here in Idaho this year. I normally get by with fuzzy spring gloves for my everyday commutes and appreciate the roomy interior if I need my winter gloves.
From: Ana G
Thank you so much for Bar Mitts! Chicago winters can be brutal; I used to quit riding around December, starting up again in early spring. This is the second year I've used Bar Mitts and am so happy they get me through the entire cold season! I've ridden 0°F with -12 wind chills and felt comfortable. You're top of my list for winter gear recommendations.
From: Jim B
Purchased a set of road bike Bar Mitts this fall and absolutely love them! So far the lowest temp. I have been riding in has been 23-25 F. With only a light pair of full finger gloves on I can not believe how warm and comfortable my fingers and hands stay. They have been an excellent purchase for my winter riding in Colorado and I'm looking at buying a set of Bar Mitts to have for my Fat Bike riding. Thanks!!
From: Sue M
Love these Bar Mitts!!! I was holding out for really cold weather cuz I didn't think I'd be able to slide my hands out for signaling turns. Silly me. Bar Mitts stay in place. After the second turn, I didn't even have to look down to slide my hand right back in. Can't wait for some snow now. I am sure Bar Mitts will be perfect keeping my hands warm and DRY! Thank you!
From: Dave B
Three of my bikes have "Retroshift" brifters that have a cable routing similar to older STI's but not identical. Also, I have barend mirrors I insist on keeping. The Bar Mitts folks worked with me to design a pair that takes both of these oddities into consideration and the upcharge was VERY reasonable for all the customizing they had to do. 

My first ride with them was in 26 degree weather using only short finger riding gloves and thin polypro liners. My hands were warmer than they usually are with thick, awkward ski gloves. Good folks to deal with and a superior product.

From: Paul Hauser
Best purchase I've made in a long time. All weather commuter, these allow me to cheap my hands comfortable in all kinds of temperature ranges. With gloves on I can ride with my hands inside and out, regulating them and keeping them comfortable. Thanks, I love them!
From: Zach A
Learned the hard way that even w/ some nice gloves, the wind would cut right through them after awhile(I'm sure I came dangerously close to frostbite twice). It also made using my STI shifters difficult to use properly. A friend mentioned Bar Mitts to me, and I'm glad he did. Perfect solution. I've had a pair for about five years, and I truly couldn't ride through the winter with out them. I wear a pair of cheap thin stretch gloves(currently w/ a bunch of holes in them) and my hands are fine in any temp that's thrown at me here(lowest I've done is -10).
From: Mark T
Just tried Bar Mitts for the first time this morning. 9 degree commute with light merino gloves. Hands were not even the least bit chilled. I'm a believer!!
From: Bob Neidinger
I just tried my new bar mitts on my ICE Trike and they worked great. Trike riders, I recommend bar mitts for cold weather riding.

From: larry a
This is second winter with bar mitts.I live in sask. canada and ride all winter.These are a must have as temp. often goes below -3o f. I like to wear thin gloves so I can feel what my mountain bike is doing and with bar mitts I can do that.A must have product for me.Thank you so much.
From: John G
My Bar Mitts helped me complete the 2014 The Iceman Cometh race on Nov. 8. Temps were in the mid-30s, mixed rain & snow, winds 15-20 mph. I talked w/a racer who wore lobster mitts & couldn't feel his fingers by the end. I wore light gloves & my hands were sweating. Thanks!
From: TeamBOR S
TeamBOR wanted to thank Bar Mitts for keeping us warm last Saturday in the Bonk Hard Castlewood 8. Last year 3 of 6 of our teammates suffered frost bite through gloves and lobster claws. This year was only slightly warmer but with the protection of our Bar Mitts we all had a pleasant ride. We can't thank you enough. Great products and service!
From: Ed L
It's like getting hugged by a polar bear! And not the vicious ones who prey on unsuspecting seals and drunk Siberians either, I mean the cute cuddly polar bears who share a Coke with their cubs. I was amazed at how warm the Bar Mitts were on my first ride with them. As others have stated, I actually wound up shedding layers of gloves during a 40 mile sub-freezing road ride. Are they goofy looking? Maybe, but do you know who is going to care? NOBODY! Because you will be the only one out riding when everyone else is staring at the basement walls on their trainers! Great product, I can't recommend them enough.
From: Matt M
Waited to long to get these. Now build something for our feet! (and the snowblower too while you're at it)
From: Marsha H
My situation is much less dramatic than many of your other reporters, since I live in Portland, OR. Think 9 months of rain, occasional snow, and I'll ignore the ice storms for the sake of brevity. If there is a warm, waterproof glove out there that allows manual dexterity, I have not found it or can't afford it. I argued my cheap self into buying the Bar Mitts at the Pedal Nation show several years ago, and as soon as the rains start, I remember why I got them. My grips are called "Toadstools," because their surface looks like mushroom gills; they collect and retain water. Wet and cold is always worse than cold alone. Having the Bar Mitts installed allows me to park the bike outside in any weather and know my hands will be dry when I next grab the bars.

On and off is not as easy for me as it is for some, since I have a bar end mirror. Getting that on and off iyear.PITA, because I'm doing it partially blind under the mitt, and because the gap I sliced for it is exactly big enough - no play, no forgiveness, no leakage. So I put them on once a year, and take them off once a year. Works for me, and I've probably sold a few pairs for you when someone asks about those elephant ears on my bars. I'm very happy I have them.

From: Dennis P
I received my Bar Mitts last Friday and on Sunday the temperature was 40F so I went for a shakedown cruise of 90 minutes. I wore light full-fingered gloves and waited for that familiar pain and numbness to start in my fingers and hands but my hands stayed warm and even a little sweaty by the time I finished! Bar Mitts are the answer to my prayers as cold hands were my limiter for riding over an hour during the winter. Thanks!
From: Trevor H
Love the Mitts!I have rode all winter back and forth to work in -25c and below with no problems. Must have winter riding gear!
From: Edward W
I received my mitts Saturday, thanks for the prompt service! They seem very durably constructed and were very easy to mount on my Shimano shifters. I tried them today in 37DF weather with just light pair of summer full fingered gloves and found that my hands were plenty warm (more so than the lobsters). In colder temperatures at most I would need something like maybe light winter gloves. From a standpoint of usage, I had no problems shifting, braking or getting in or out of them. I mostly ride on the hoods so that was fine for me. In summary, the only thing I don’t like about the design is that I didn’t think of it.
From: John S
I've owned a pair of Bar Mitts for about 3 years now. I like them so much that once the temperature here in the Chicago area drops into the 40's, I put on the Bar Mitts until Spring. I only ride with my summer, no finger, riding gloves. I love to be able to feel the shifter / brake levers. When it gets really cold, I'll drop one or two hot hands packets into the bottom. You do have to be careful when using the packets so they don't get in the way of the shift/brake lever. One time I decided to put two packets in each Bar Mitt on a two hour ride. It was crazy warm inside the Barr Mitts. My hands felt like they were in Hawaii while the rest of me felt like I was at the South Pole.
From: Chris VW
Don't hesitate. Just buy these. They are durable and will definitely extend your riding season. I can use lightweight gloves with these making it much easier to shift and brake. I love them.
From: Dave W
Seriously great product. I rode without the Bar Mitts wearing my warmest gloves in 25 degree temps. My fingers were so cold I had no feeling and almost zero dexterity. 

Rode a week later with Bar Mitts at 25 degrees, and was completely comfortable. No degredation in dexterity at all. Took my shower afterwards without any discomfort in the warm water. 

Great Product. Seriously already shared on my facebook with my cycling friends. Will share with my club this weekend.

From: Claire Lewis
After another painful commuter to work with my Raynaud's (even with 3 good pairs of gloves on), I decided it was time to look into getting some different. I spent several hours on the internet looking at different companies and different pogies and decided on the bar mitts and boy I'm glad I did. They are so warm that I only have to wear one thin pair of gloves and have now order a set for my road bike. Thank you for making winter cycling so much better.

From: Melissa R
I cannot thank you all enough for Bar Mitts. I literally would not be able to ride in winter without them. I do not have issues getting cold, except for my fingers. I use Bar Mitts in combination with battery-heated gloves and can ride down to zero. Thank you!
From: Doug D
In 8 years of winter commuting I have never had warm hands, no matter how many pairs of gloves I had on. Since I bought Bar Mitts I haven't been cold once; I've even had to take the gloves off! Bar Mitts are a truly amazing innovation.
From: Eric Z
I am so glad I saw your booth at the expo the night before the Iceman Challenge. There was no cold weather until a week before the race so I didn't know until then that my Raynaud's syndrome was going to be way worse this year than ever before. Without the Bar Mitts I probably would not have been able to ride two-handed, which would have been very bad.
From: Mark Junkermann
I road in Richmond, VA this week on the Monster Cross course www.runriderace.com. The temps aren't super cold yet...in the 30s. I road with no gloves on this cold and windy day. Why were my hands still toasty? Bar Mitts! Get some! They are awesome!
From: John Roskey
An elegant solution. Simple, but amazingly effective. Gone are the thermal skins followed by two pairs of gloves. And then your hands go numb anyway. Not that they could do anything anyway with all that hardware on them. These Bar Mitts are awesome! Now my hands stay toasty and comfy the whole ride. My only complaint is, and it's a big one, where have you guys been for the last 50+ years I've been riding bikes? Hats off the folks at Bar Mitts. Simply brilliant!
From: Craig M
2 Degrees Fahrenheit and still warm after 2-1/2 hours. These Bar Mitts are Awesome! 
One of the other biking Bubba's was using the Bar Mitts and raved about them. Since he liked them so much I gave them a try. Wish I had found these years ago.
I've gone on many winter mountain bike rides and have suffered with cold fingers. Ski gloves, mittens, lobster claw, 2 layers, and many other variations of gloves didn't work very well. These Bar Mitts keep my hands warm, warm enough for a thin glove to easily operate brakes/shifting, and easy enough to exit out of quickly in case of unexpected over the handle bar dismount.
I use these with a lightweight pair of fleece and it is plenty warm enough. Some of the biking Bubba's throw in a hand warmer for extra warmth, I haven't had the need yet. 
Great product!

From: Geno K.
What a company. Not only are Bar Mitts the only way to go for serious winter riding, I recently had a chance to experience what a great company they are.

First let me say that nothing, I mean NOTHING works as well as Bar Mitts for winter cycling. Tried everything, hand warmers in two layers of gloves still didn't do it. I've been rocking Bar Mitts for four seasons now.

I happen to have the shimano road mitts which need a 6" zipper to install because of the shifter cable on my Ultegra shifters. Where I ride, roads are salted and the combination of slush and salt worked it's way into the zipper. At the end of last year's season, I stored them with the rest of my winter gear. This fall, when I went to check them out, I noticed that both zippers were bad. One was seized and the other just disintegrated, probably brought on be corrosion from the salt and slush.

I called Bar Mitts asking if I could buy the zippers - I'd get a seamstress to install them. After I explained the situation, they sent me a BRAND NEW PAIR. Great customer service. I notice that the new one's have a vinyl/plastic non-corrosive zipper. As it turns out - I don't need the zippers anymore because I now have SRAM shifters on my current cross.



From: Ray B
As I used testimonials before purchasing a pair, I feel that I should add my perspective. I cycle through the winter to work in Toronto. In prior winters, I found it impossible to keep my hands warm and of course, I lost dexterity with shifting and braking. Thus far, I have not had remotely chilled hands. Quite the contrary. I lightened up on the gloves and often by the time I reach my destination, I have been sweating. I imagine I could not use any gloves and I would be fine. What really prompted my purchased was a testimonial from someone who bicycled in winter in Calgary with no complaint of cold hands using Bar Mitts. It's true!
From: Michael P
Awesome product. I live in SC so last year I didn't think it got cold enough to even try them. But I tried them this morning for a 3 hr ride. The temp at the start was 35, 40 at finish. I wore regular summer gloves underneath and my hands were too warm! Can't wait to wear them at even colder temps, my fellow riders will be so jealous!
From: Beth M
I bought my first set of Bar Mitts at the Philly Bike expo. I used them for the first time today (NJ wind chills in the 20s). I LOVE them. I went out with only a thin pair of glove liners and my hands were toasty. I love having the dexterity, that I lose with my big lobster gloves!
From: Ken B.
This years Apple Cider Century started at 38 degrees and theses Bar Mitts were the cat's meow. No cold fingers here.
Thank You for a great device!!!

2012 Catrike Expedition R

From: Forrest C
I don't wear gloves with these unless it's 20 below or colder. Ever!!
From: Ginnie G
I love these Bar Mitts! Had them for +/- two weeks, don't know how I managed without them - yes, I do - lost my fingertips within first 15 minutes last winter! I've tried ski gloves with cashmere liners, and umpteen other combinations of gloves - even battery heated ones, which were really awkward and were quite ineffective. Thank you so much for creating these great wind barriers! No problem manipulating brakes, etc. (I ride a single speed so don't need to change gear.)
From: Robert M
Have used Barmitts about 6 weeks now. Must say they are sweet and even at $60 I would rec for cold riding. Caveat: the inside strap down was not long enough to go around bigger handles NOR will unit fit over endbar installed mirrors...I rec using your cheap soldering iron to make round hole UNDER SEAM of mitt and then reinstall mirror after mitt is in place. Over all for cold riding these Mitts are worth it. PS I had a set of neoprene Knee support slide on sleeves from tennis years ago....they do rather well as a external slide onto tennis shoes to keep the toes less cold & they are clip compatible. I agree with others that the mitts are not an impediment to braking or shifting. later
From: Jim B
I've used my bar mitts twice now and they are the best for cold weather riding. Both rides were in temps between 24 and 28F and a pretty good north wind today. Ride durations were over 2 hours and an hour and a half. I wore a pair of Thermax liners under a pair of Louis Garneau wind proof gloves and my hands stayed good. I wish the mitts were a bit bigger so I could wear a heavier pair of gloves with them for lower temps. Should have ordered a medium. Bottom line, this is the warmest my hands have been riding in winter. Thanks.
From: Norway Customer
I received a pair of Bar Mitts yesterday. Was out cycling for 3.5 hours in -3` Celsius. Normally I would have been freezing cold on my hand, but with the mitts on I was good and warm. My new mitts have saved my wintercycling! It`s a great product! Thank You for developing it!

From: Brian P
First ride out with the Bar Mitts did not disappoint. 35* 2 hour night ride. My feet were froze as usual but my hands were comfortable the whole time. Easy to install/remove. Makes winter riding more about the ride and less about trying to stay warm. Great product. Ordered direct, had a nice talk with Ward, delivered in 2 days. Simple. If you suffer from cold hands, I highly recommend Bar Mitts!
From: K_O_cowtown .
Enjoyed a -15 degree Celsius ride in to work this morning. Hands were toasty warm. These are the greatest things for my daily Calgary commute.
From: Mattias G
Despite the reviews I was a little skeptical. So when I left the house for a 2 hour ride and the temperature was 14F I was apprehensive that I would have to cut the ride short. However, just like the many reviews I have to say they were great. At no point were my hands cold, hands down the best winter cycling product I have found. Thanks for the great product.
From: Thyce C
I love your bar mitts. They have changed the way I ride in the Winter. It is so simple now. I now only need to wear a thin pair of full finger gloves when it is really cold and I can ride in all but the coldest weather with just fingerless gloves. Before I put the bar mitts on my bike I was wearing glove liners under thick fleece gloves and finally an outer waterproof/breathable layer. I was always alternating between liners or no liners, outer gloves or no outer gloves, and for the outer layer I had to alternate between gloves, claws or mittens depending on how cold it was. That was a lot of bulk to carry around that I don't need anymore, not to mention it is now so much easier to operate the brakes and shifters without all the extra glove layers.
From: wendy m
I received the Bar Mitts for Christmas and today (Mar.6)was the first chance I had to try them. Winter biking has not been kind in Wisconsin and today was the day, finally! It was 30 degrees/22 degrees windchill so some wind and partly sunny. I ended going for a 22 miles. I wore a thin pair of wind stop gloves and 3 miles into the ride I HAD to take them off. My hands were sweating bullets! I spent the next 17 miles with bare hands 
AND they were still so toasty that I had to take them out to cool them off. Amazing!! These Bar Mitt are awesome and I highly recommend them if you want to ride in cold weather with just your regular bike gloves or bare hands.

From: James G
I've ridden through three winters now without heat packs in my gloves or having to bag rides because of low temperatures, thanks to BarMitts. Even freezing rain is not enough to keep me off my bike anymore.
From: Aaron P
Been using bar mitts for the past 3 months. Unfreaking believable how warm my hands are. Set a new PR for lowest temp ridden in -22F! This was with just a set of thin full finger gloves, hands were nice and toasty for my 5 mile commute. I was worried that they might be hard to get into, but have had absolutely no issues. These are the best piece of winter riding gear that I own, (warm) hands down!
From: CJ V
I have used my bar mitts now for about 3-4 weeks. I have one set that I am currently trading back and forth from my commuter and my trail bike. The weather has been anything from mid 40's down to 15F with 30 mph winds. My hands actually sweat while using the bar mitts and just a full finger summer MTB glove. In temps anything more than say 35F I would just not even wear gloves. No problems shifting my triggers on my geared bike, and plenty of room for me on my single speed. I have a version of the bar mitts with a hole cut into them so that I can use them on both my Titec J-Bars, as well as my standard riser bars.

I am a totally satisfied customer. It would be awesome if you guys would/could design and start making shoe covers that work this well!!

From: Tony C
I tried bar mitts for the first time today. Conditions in Chicago this morning when I rode were 6F with wind chills of -1F. I wore a pair of gloves I usually use on days when the temp is about 50-55 degrees. I rode for 10 miles and I could not be happier with the bar mitts. After a few minutes of riding, my hands were so warm that I will wear thinner gloves next time out. I can tell that the bar mitts will be effective at much lower temps than today's. The only reason it took a couple of minutes to warm my hands up was that my bike is kept in an unheated garage, and the hoods, brake levers, etc were ice cold when I started the ride. To avoid the initial warm up period of the bike parts, I will blow a hair dryer inside the bar mitts for a minute or so next time out. Bar mitts are a great product, and I highly recommend them to anyone who likes to ride year round.
From: M Brown
I have been riding bikes for about 6 years now and learning new things all the time.I enjoy riding year around but i have trouble riding in winter because i could not keep my hands warm,i have tried several different types of gloves and even wearing 2 pair at once,problem with 2 pair is i cant use my fingers very well for shifting and braking.I had been looking at ur mitts on line for about 2 years now but didnt want to let go of that kind of money,recently i was looking again and seen where some of your mitts were on sale so i decided to go ahead and make the purchase----BEST MONEY I HAVE SPENT FOR RIDING---- This BarMitts are the best things for winter riding,i just finished a ride today in 18 degree weather and did not were any gloves and my hands were as toasty as if i were sitting in the house.You have a great product and i will tell anybody that will listen how great they are,THANKS!
From: Adam C
Commuting in Anchorage Alaska on days when the temperatures dip to 0 degrees F is not a problem when using Bar Mitts with a light glove. Patti and Ward not only make a terrific product but also go out of their way to customize Bar Mitts for your personal needs. My bike is equipped with cowhorn handlebars and Ward fashioned a set of Bar Mitts that fit and function very well.
From: Chris H
Been using these for a couple of days now and they're fantastic. It was 12 Fahrenheit this morning and I road with gloves I used to use when it's around 30. I had to take my hands out every now and then because they were too warm.

They seem to add about 30 degrees Fahrenheit to my glove calculation, which eliminates all my heavy gloves and mittens.

When I arrive at my destination and touch my bike I'm shocked to realize other parts of my handlebars are cold. But not my brakes!

I'm using the Shimano specific ones and they work great. Even with my flared road handlebars.

From: Jim K
Just got my Bar Mitts and put them on my Bike last night. WOW fantastic, Wish I had bought them years ago. Piece of cake to install and work great! I can not say enough good about the product. Thanks Bar Mitts!
From: Trace M
Excellent product in both form and function! I've been hesitant the last couple of years to try these due to their strange appearance, as I like many avid cyclists love to ride all year long regardless of the climate and conditions. I'm glad I purchased them (both the Mountain and Road Mitts). Look forward to further evolution from the Bar Mitts brand and product line offerings. Btw, great customer service by the friendly creators of the Bar Mitts. Hopes for continued prosperity from a well designed product. -t
From: Peter C
I bought the bar mitts the day before ICEMAN this year (2010) and I am SOOOOOO glad I did! Even though this was a mountain bike race, and I was a tandem captain, I felt in control at all times in all technical areas. They were easy to slip in and out of quickly. But most of all, I didn't freeze my fingers off as I normally do. We are now a dealer, and very happy to be one. Spin Zone Cycling in Granger, Indiana www.spinzonecycling.com Thank you Bar Mitts!
From: ben sciortino
Finally we got some beautiful Kansas cycling weather the past two mornings. Ok,this means the temps started out at below freezing. My new mitts were up to the test. The first morning I used the liner gloves that came with my Specialized Sub Zero gloves. On the second morning I down graded to only lite woolen gloves. The wind was 20mph on the headwind leg the mitts did a great job however on the downwind leg I actually was considering unzipping to let in some cooling air (but I didn't). GOOD BYE Pearl Izumi lobsters, so long Specialized Sub Zeros. I have a feeling my trainer won't be getting much work this winter unless there is a lot of snow and or ice on the roads. Wheee! Finally something that really works.
From: Ben S
Thanks again for helping me make this purchase. I can’t wait until they get here and also this will be the first time EVER that I will be eagerly awaiting cold weather…giggle.

From: Adam F
The mitts had just come in today and brother I sure needed them. Tonight, I was out for 7 plus hours on a regular ride and I was freezing. The mitts couldn't have come at a better time! The mitts have surpassed my expectations by a long shot. They're a great design and have excellent workmanship in their manufacture. Thank you.
From: Eric B
Here in Seattle we don't have to deal with extreme cold like some users, but I've always contended that 35F and raining feels much colder than 15-20F and dry. Anyway, Bar Mitts solved my cold hand problem in the mornings, while letting me use relatively thin gloves so that I can use my brakes and shifters without any difficulty. I do get a little water pooling in the bottom (it runs down the sleeves of my jacket) so when I get to work and when I get home I flip them inside out so that they dry. It's a minor inconvenience, but is well worth it for the warmth these provide.
From: Scott D
After riding Bar Mitts for a full winter in the Colorado Rockies I am completely satisfied with this cold hands solution. They work wonders and are easy to ride with. All you need are a light pair of gloves for most conditions. I have recommended these to countless friends for winter training. Thanks.
From: Chris V
Just about had frost bite in late 60's have never been able to keep hands warm from then on. Winter sports hurt! I love bicycling and have tried every type of glove including kyakers neopreme, nothing works until I spotted these at Seattle bike show 2010. WOW!!! It snowed and hailed and rained on me No Problem. BUY THEM YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!
From: Mary W
I have Reynauds so my hands and feet were always so cold in the cooler months that cycling was miserable.I had tried various pairs of expensive biking gloves with no luck.I bought your Bar Mitts this year & it has made a world of difference. Just wanted to let you know I used them yesterday in the Icicle Metric Century in Delaware - temps at the start were in the 30's with wind-chills in the 20's (which felt quite chilly to us Easterners as we'd reached nearly 80' last weekend)& I had many very envious enquiries about your Bar Mitts from riders with very cold hands. My hands were toasty warm with just a mid-weight pair of gloves on - thank you :-)

From: Keith B
I live in Denver, Colorado and commute to work on a regular basis. I usually judge how cold it is outside with how many fingers freeze during my 15 mile commute. On my first day of using Bar Mitts it was 8 degree's outide and when i got to work my fingers were nice and toasty, my feet were frozen stumps...
From: Bionic Bill I
Over the years I have figured out how to keep every part of my body pleasantly warm when riding in cold weather EXCEPT for my hands. On my feet I wear two pair of socks and then slide plastic newspaper tubes over my feet before I put on the shoes and zip-up booties. My hands were always the first part of my body to make me quit the ride. I am using the mountain bike style mitts on my SWB recumbent and they are incredible. I did stuff a layer of foam up against the zipper and to cover the small opening where the cable come out. I rode almost nine miles in 17 degrees blowing air out a vinyl tube through the front of my balaclava to get rid of the moisture from my breath. I had to stop once and take of a jacket layer and once to take off a glove layer. What a great product!
From: Ben Lawrence
15 years. 15 winters. Countless dollars spent on every kind of cycling glove out there. ZERO success and hands so cold I'm banished to a crummy indoor trainer in my basement.
Year 16 of my cycling career: Enter Bar Mitts. Hooray! I just rode 50 miles in 15-20 degree weather with nothing but an old pair of hole-ridden lobster gloves and my new Bar Mitts. My hands were <gasp!>WARM the entire ride. Thanks, guys. You've increased my outdoor riding season by about 3 months/year.

From: Keeper K
Used them at 7,500 ft in -16 weather and could not have been happier! Great product! Thanx! 


From: Serge R
I've been looking for a solution for cold hands for a long time. It seems there are solutions for every other part of the anatomy to keep you riding through the winter. After countless attempts with different gloves, I had given up until I found Bar Mitts and they are worth every penny. I hate the claws and huge gloves that leave you without any dexterity. I can now ride with just a base layer glove and my usual padded summer gloves over them. Took some ribbing from my buddies, but I was the only one still smiling after 40 miles. Easy to get on and off and excellent craftsmanship. Thanks Bar Mitts!!!
From: Dawn B
I just received your Bar Mitts & installed them in 2 seconds before my 25 degree ride today. They were awesome. Through some trial and error, I'll be able to figure out which gloves will be perfect to wear with them. As it turns out, your Bar Mitts may have saved me from a serious injury. Today on my ride, the weather went from ice pellets to freezing rain, to just plain rain. Problem was with the road temperature. When the rain hit the road, it made the road a sheet of ice. About 2 miles to the end, I took a corner over a cement bridge and went down. I was still holding on to the handlebars with my hands in the Bar Mitts & my upper thigh/hip took the brunt of my fall. I'm not sure that if my hands were free I wouldn't have tried to move my arms & possibly broken something. I am a Dental Hygienist, so this would have been sooo bad! I'm just glad that I had the Bar Mitts on. I only have a bruised pinky finger and an egg on my hip & some other bruises. Anyway, I hope to use these again under better circumstances.
From: Tim Heck
I just wanted to let you know about my experience with your Bar Mitts. They worked excellent, definitely surpassed my expectations. It was about 20 degrees last night during my group ride and for once I didn't have cold fingertips. When I took the mitts off there was some condensation from the heat brewing inside. All of my buddies were interested in buying themselves a pair. You can't go wrong with a pair of these Mitts if you do a lot of winter training/leisure riding. I'm placing an order for my Trek store this week. Thanks!
From: Clark G
Used the Bar Mitts for the first time this morning before the sun was up w/ temps around 35. I couldn't believe how warm my hands were. Usually I would have had numb fingers w/in 30min, instead, w/in 30min, I had removed two of my 3 glove layers!Very pleased. Thanks.

From: Peter G
Great product - I have suffered from Raynaud's forever and winter riding in the UK has always killed me. These work well.
From: cubi cubi
You ride NYCC or CRCA or Kessina OTB (OVER THE BRIDGE) in winter. You bum when your fingers are cold. You think these look goof ball and you are to cool for school. Stop fooling yourself. Stop buying all kinds of winter gloves. Stop suffering and start getting in winter miles. Buy a set of bar mitts, get your summer short finger gloves out and have toasty fingers all winter. Now get your ass up to the Bear Mtn. Lodge on the new years ride. You have no excuse.

From: Steve P
Been looking for something like this for years. Walked into local bike shop last week and immediately purchased a pair. First ride today in 36F and rain w/ only polypro liner gloves under riding gloves. Hands toasty warm.
From: Nicole C.
LOVE the Bar Mitts! Thanks to Busy Sister Mo for thinking of me. Our overnight lows here in northern NH have been below freezing (yay!) & I tried out the BarMitts for the first time last week. They fit great on my Trek 7300 hybrid & it's nice not to have to wear huge mittens under them.

A lot of people were with me last Thursday on a CHILLY 5-hour regional bike-commuter tour with NHDOT engineers, planners, wheelheads, employers, enviromentalists, health advocates, etc. EVERYONE was jealous of my Bar Mitts! I told them to check you guys out but am thinking you might want to send samples to our area bike shops. More & more people ride year-round here for fun & commuting. Keep them wheels turning!

From: John Y
When I first saw the add for Bar Mitts I said to myself "That person is going to make a ton of money!" I finally picked up a pair at the Seattle Bike Swap this past weekend. My only regret is not getting another pair for my wife. My hands are warm now and I have complete control of my bike with my regular bike finger-less gloves inside. Thank you very much!
From: AFC Customers For Life
If I sound a little over the top, I apologize but Bar Mitts has changed my life. I can easily road bike when it is 0 degrees (and less) without my hands getting cold at all. I wear my Bar Mitts and two pairs of gloves and I can bike in any conditions. We all agree that we really need Bar Mitts to make some of the same type of product for our feet! We heard you might have some Bar Mitts for mountain bikes soon, that would be great! Please continue to keep up the good work. 

From: Jeff TeamBBC-Baltimore
Just wanted to say thanks to you for a great product! I've used the Bar Mitts twice thus far. The first time it was about 38 degrees...the second time it was about 35 degrees w/ 20 mph wind gusts. Each time my hands were nice & toasty-while only wearing a thin pair of merino wool gloves inside! Thanks again.
From: Diana J
My limitation for outdoor riding in Colorado winters is my cold hands. Now with Bar Mitts, I can ride in 20 degree F weather and stay comfortable. Thanks for making such a useful product!
From: Sarah P.
the winters are harsh here in alaska, your mitts keep me warm on my road bike when im riding with my kids around anchoridge.
From: Dan P.
As a full time cube rat and full time racer I don't have the option of waiting for the temperature to rise before I go for a training ride. I often find myself riding before the sun comes up and as the sun is going down all winter long. Bar Mitts are the only "gloves" I have found that can keep my fingers from tuning into icebergs. 

From: J.B. Good
Very happy with my Bar Mitts. Wonderful low-tech product. Works great around Pittsburgh. It is also a great Christmas gift for your favorite cyclist at a reasonable cost. The red color is visible and suits the season!!
From: Jordan B
I received my Bar Mitts about a week ago and I cannot stop raving about them. They are likely to stay on my bike for the winter. At times they are almost too warm, something I have never said about cycling and gloves. I will continue to sing the gospel of the Bar Mitts. Anxiously waiting for a pair of mountain mitts.
From: Shari M
My husband met you guys at Interbike. Came home dying to try these Bar Mits. I have to admit, when I saw them, I did a slight eye roll, they are a tad goofy looking. Well, when it was pouring cold rain out the other day I (easily) put them on, went down the road, and I was almost giddy! at how cool they worked. I was getting soaked everywhere except my hands!!!!! Which is huge for me because I ride all winter and have tried everything under the sun to keep my hands warm but when it's also wet? it is much more difficult to stay warm too. These bar mits are the slickest invention I have ever seen in biking apparel and you can be sure that Jeff and I will be spouting these around town and pretty soon? the entire city will own a pair! Hat's off to your creativeness!
From: Alan Z
If you ride in the cold you would be silly not to own a set of Bar Mitts. It's a no brainer. Simple to use, greater comfort while riding with more control. Not to mention they are very well made. In fact I like them so much I now offer them for sale on my web site, Bikemor.com.
The first time i rode with the bar mitts, it was 28 degrees out and i started out with my summer fingerless gloves and that is all i needed for the whole 25 mile ride. I do city riding and had NO problems with getting my hands in and out of the mitts for hand signals and getting to my water bottles I felt in complete control of my bicycle. I give them an A+.
From: Blair F
Got my Bar Mitts today. Great design, easy install and they work. I train all winter and have used snowmobile gauntlets on straight bars. Now I can ride my regular road bike. Thanks.
From: Steve S
Before I tried bar mitts, the only way I could keep my fingers from freezing on cold rides was to use heavy mittens. These were clumsy for controlling the bike. All I need now is a light pair of gloves. The bar mitts block the wind chill, and also help to keep a good grip on the brake hoods. I ride in 20F temps with no discomfort to my hands.