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Curing The Common Cold

Cold weather, waterproof and windproof handlebar mittens to keep hands warm and comfortable in the cold, rain, snow and wind.

Stays secure on the handlebars while the stiff, open body of the neoprene allows for easy hand access and removal. Braking and shifting are easily accomplished due to thinner gloves for increased dexterity.

Extreme Cold Protection

Whether you ride in the crisp morning air of the fall, or the middle of a snow storm. Our Extreme Cold Bar Mitts will keep your hands cozy and comfortable, while maximizing dexterity.

From Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes to Strollers, Quads and Snowmobiles. We've got your hands covered for all your cold weather outdoor adventures!

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BAR MITTS handlebar mittens evolved from many years of hang gliding and cold winter rides. Hang gliding mitts are used on a straight steering control bar. During the cold months, I used my hang gliding mitts on top of my bicycle handle bars. However, as one can imagine, not being on the shifter and brake levers had its downfalls especially when it came to descents and emergency braking. 

For years, I designed various Bar Mitt prototypes that enclosed the shifter and brake levers. I am so pleased that the final product is now available for sale. We hope you enjoy Bar Mitts and many warm rides.

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Bar Mitts - The Cure for the Common Cold