Bar Mitts

X-Country / Snowshoeing Mitts

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  • Waterproof, 5 mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination on each side 

  • Neoprene has a closed cell construction that features closed air bubbles that serve as insulators 

  • Bar Mitts stay open, allowing easy access & removal of hands 

  • Put pole grip through the hole & through an inside piece of neoprene to keep the pole in place 

  • Designed around thinner pole grips, but the neoprene stretches to allow for a wider pole grip 

  • Can use thin glove liners versus heavy gloves that get wet due to overheating 

  • Those who suffer from Raynaud's or numb, cold hands due to the cold, wind, rain or snow can be comfortable   and warm

  • Easily installed & removed 

  • Reflective material on seam & logo